One Time Lead Order | $475

Phone-In Leads for Mortgage Protection are generated through 500 mailers sent to new mortgage holders in your area. When a lead calls our phone servers, they are prompted to complete a short questionnaire regarding health. Regardless of if they complete the call or not, you receive real-time notification via text and email -- giving you the opportunity to follow-up immediately! All Completed and Incomplete Phone-Leads generated by your mailers are exclusively yours.  On average, our clients receive a total of 40 leads! Results will vary.

Standing Lead Order | $430 per week

With a minimum four week commitment, Nashville Financial will provide you with approximately 10 Completed Phone Leads and 30 Incomplete Phone Leads (IPLs) for Mortgage Protection each week. Completed Phone-In Lead are generated when new mortgage holders receive our mailer, call the phone server and complete a short health questionnaire. IPL's are created when a prospective client calls into the server and does not complete the health questionnaire. You receive the lead's name, address, lender name, mortgage amount, and phone number.

Get in the homes FIRST

We believe that the early bird gets the worm. When a lead in your area calls to request more information, you are notified within seconds - saving days compared to mail-in leads that spend time in snail mail before being distributed to you.

Additionally, if you call the lead quickly, they are still "in the moment" and more likely to schedule an appointment.

The leads you receive are exclusive to you. We do not resell leads to other agents.

Learn more about Nashville Financial's Phone-In Leads with the FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

Get in the home first

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