Mortgage Protection Social Media Leads

These Leads are generated through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Where potential customers see our advertisements and upon engaging with our Ads, they are directed off the advertising platform and sent over to our website.

There we have each potential lead first go through a phone verification step and after doing so we have them fill out our questionnaire which generates the lead. Leads are sent to you in real time as speed to lead is very important.

You can order leads in counts of 15,20,25,30,35,40,45 or 50 leads at a time. Note we only do Statewide orders, and you must have at least 2 states for each order. All orders are processed on Thursday, and you should start seeing leads come in 3-4 days later. Your order quantity and State mix will determine how soon your order is complete, however our goal is to have each order complete in 7 days or less.