Mortgage Protection
Live Transfer

Introducing our groundbreaking Mortgage Protection LiveTransfer option – the latest innovation in lead generation technology. As the first in the industry to roll out this new type of lead, we're thrilled to offer our agents the exclusive opportunity to speak with their leads in real time – no more missed connections, no more unanswered calls.

With our new Mortgage Protection Live Transfer option, you'll have the chance to connect with your leads right after they submit their information, ensuring higher rates of conversion and maximal ROI. With around 50% of all complete leads opting to transfer directly to agents, it's never been easier to cultivate long-lasting relationships with your clients and build your business.

Best of all, this unparalleled technology comes at an incredibly low additional price of just $30, giving you access to live transfer leads at a fraction of the usual cost. Don't wait – try our Mortgage Protection Live Transfer option today and see the difference for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

DoI pay $30 for each live transfer?

No, you pay $30 additional to your mail drop order which covers all your live transfer for that campaign.

DoI have the ability to turn on and off when I can take live transfer calls?

Yes, with a simple text to our lead system turn on and off live transfer calls whenever you like.