Here’s what insurance agents are saying about
Phone-In Leads from Nashville Financial

I have been running the Nashville Financial leads now for the last six months in Maricopa County and for the past six months, I have averaged over $100,000 in issue paid business. I consistently get a 5-10X ROI on my lead investment with Nashville Financial. Of all the vendors I have worked with, I must say these leads are of the highest quality and priced very competitively. If you’re smart, you’ll buy as many leads as your budget will allow after reading this and continue to increase your lead budget as soon as possible. It’s really simple with Nashville Financial leads… More LEADs = more MONEY!!!
– Brad Allan, FFLEC Agency Owner

The Completed Phone-In Leads system has been an excellent resource for an upcoming agent like myself. It provides real-time notifications, accurate and thorough details, plus stronger leads than most other systems. I would highly recommend trying them out and spending less time knocking on doors and more time closing deals!!!    – Brian P.

One of the issues we run into when we dial leads is knowing if they are home or not when we call.  This requires us to dial all day just to try and find a time they are home. With the MP Phone-In Leads this isn’t an issue. Stop your dial days and maximize your time with the MP Instant leads. As soon as the client completes the call, you get an instant text message with all the clickable data you need to book that appointment. Dial time cut out! Instant all day!    – Ryan R

I like the real-time aspect of the Completed Phone-In Leads. I can call a lead as it arrives and I find they are more likely to answer the phone and make an appointment. It’s nice when you ask a lead if they recall calling about mortgage protection and they say, “Yes! I just called a few minutes ago!”    – Donald B.

The Phone Leads are exclusive and real-time! I get a text message and an email immediately every time I get a new lead. The lead notification includes all the information I need to follow-up and set an appointment, including a phone number, address and some general health information.    – Thedrik S.

As a part-time agent on the Nashville Financial team, I love the phone-in leads. The Nashville Financial Call Center sets appointments for me, making it easy for me to focus on showing up and making the sale. The calendar notifications are excellent. The Nashville Financial team provides me with all info I need to be successful at the appointment.    –  Nizhyar D.