What is a Phone-In Lead?  A Phone-In Lead is created through mailers sent to new mortgage holders encouraging them to call our phone server to request more information.

What is the benefit of a Phone-In Lead?  Speed! We believe that the early bird gets the worm. When a lead calls to request more information, you are notified within seconds, compared to several days required for typical A leads where a prospective client fills out a card and sends it through snail mail before it is distributed to you. The leads you receive are exclusive to you. We do not resell leads to other agents.

How much do they cost?

We have two different packages.

  • $475 | A “One Time Lead Order” includes all of the Completed Phone-In Leads and all of the Incomplete Phone Leads (IPLs) that are generated in your area as the result of 500 mailers. Typically, our clients receive a total of 40 leads (10 Complete and 30 IPL). Results will vary.
  • $430 per week | A “Standing Lead Order” provides you with a rolling average of approximately 10 Completed Phone Leads and 30 Incomplete Phone Leads each week.

Is there a minimum order?  Yes. The “Standing Lead Order” requires a 4-week commitment.  We recommend at least a 6-week commitment to build momentum and give yourself time to learn how to work these leads effectively.  There is no minimum for the “One Time Lead Order” package and you may order the “One Time Lead Order” package multiple times.

How soon after I place an order will I start receiving leads?  It takes 2 to 3 weeks for your lead flow to start.

I have a standing lead order of 10 Completed Phone-In Leads.  Will I get exactly 10 per week?  You’ll get an AVERAGE of 10 Completed Leads per week. There will be weeks when you receive fewer than or more than 10 leads.  Because of the nature of these “real-time” leads, we don’t buffer the leads.  If 15 leads phone in during the week, you’ll receive all 15 while they are fresh.  We are constantly adjusting the data purchase and mailers sent on your behalf to dial in your weekly lead delivery to match the exact number you requested.

What is an Incomplete Phone Lead or IPL? An IPL is an Incomplete Phone Lead.  These are created by a prospective client who calls into our server and does not answer all the health and age questions.  For every Completed Phone-In Lead, we generate approximately 3 IPLs.  You receive the lead’s name, address, lender name, mortgage amount, and phone number.  You also receive any answers that they provided regarding health before the call was terminated. If you choose to add IPLs to your Completed Phone-In Lead order, the maximum number available is approximately three times your Completed Phone-In Lead order.  For example, with 5 Completed Phone-In Leads you can order up to 15 IPLs.  With 10 Completed Phone-In Leads you can order up to 30 IPLs.

Can I buy just the Incomplete Phone Leads?  Unfortunately, no.  The IPLs are a byproduct of your Completed Phone-In Lead order. You must purchase Completed Phone-In Lead in order to generate IPLs.

How will I receive my leads?  Completed Phone-In Leads are sent to you within seconds of the lead calling our phone server.  You will receive a text message and an email with all of the lead details.  In addition to the real-time notification, your leads are saved to a shared Google spreadsheet daily. The spreadsheet can be used to track your appointment setting efforts or to input the leads into your own CRM system.  Note that the default notification for Incomplete Phone Leads is the daily spreadsheet only, in order to keep the “hottest” leads flowing to you without an overwhelming number of text messages we don’t recommend instant notification for IPLs, but we can certainly do that if you prefer.

Sample Lead sent by email:  SAMPLE

I received a lead for a 93-year-old person or someone that doesn’t speak English.  Can I have a credit? We do not give credit due to someone’s age or language.  Our goal is to get you the contact info for recent mortgage holders that have called for more information about mortgage protection. It is up to you to find the sales opportunities.

I called and the lead said I reached a “wrong number.”  What do I do?  Our phone server captures the actual phone number that the lead is calling from.  That makes it very difficult for you to receive a true “wrong number.”  In addition, the lead is given the opportunity to enter a “best number to call.”  If a lead tells you that it is the wrong number, check the alternate phone number.  If it is different than the number that the lead originated from, you have an additional number to call to reach the lead.

I received the same lead two or three times via text and email. Will I be charged twice?  No, you are not charged for duplicates. Each potential lead is assigned a unique mortgage ID number. The lead is generated by the phone call into our servers and distributed to you immediately.  Therefore, if a lead calls the server multiple times you receive multiple notifications. (Maybe that means they are anxious to talk to you about mortgage protection!)  Please know that we review the leads weekly to ensure that you are not charged for duplicates, but feel free to email NashvilleFinancial@gmail.com to report a duplicate lead.

How do I make the most of these leads?  We want you to be successful with these Phone-In Leads! When you place a standing Completed Phone-In Lead order you will have the opportunity to call the phone server to hear what the lead hears.  We’ll also provide you with a basic script for setting appointments.  The key to success with Phone-In Leads is speed.  Calling the lead while they are “in the moment” increases your chances of setting an appointment.  We recommend calling within the first two hours of receiving the lead.  The likelihood of the lead remembering and acknowledging that they called is much better when the lead is fresh.


How do I place my order?

Complete the Lead Order Form & Agreement.  Submit the form to NashvilleFinancial@gmail.com

More questions?  Contact us at (615) 602-4074 or NashvilleFinancial@gmail.com